Petition Against Rhino Poaching

Real Men Protect Rhinos
A four man anti poaching team is tasked with guarding the ol pejeta conservancy’s four remaining northern white rhinos, with only eight left, it is the world’s most endangered species.
Located in the laikipia district of kenya, ol pejeta conservancy is also the largest sanctuary for the black rhino, fewer than four thousand are estimated to remain. …
The rise in asia’s middle class has meant that demand for rhino horn has soared, with prices on the black market exceeding that of gold and cocaine. with an increase in poaching in ol pejeta, the anti poaching team now provides twenty four hour armed protection for the rhinos, and has developed a close relationship with the animals.
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2013 is on track to be the deadliest year yet for rhinos, two rhino are slaughtered for their tusks every day on average.

Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory

Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory!

STOP the demand.  STOP the trade. STOP THE KILLING NOW before it is too late!

YOU can make this a reality by signing. Please sign!

As citizens of the world, we urgently request the Member Parties of the United Nations Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) and the Ministers of Environment of the African Range States to take strong, affirmative and sustained action to help save the elephant from the very real threat of extinction.

The current losses of Elephants as reported in the UNEP “Elephants in the Dust” report (2013) clearly indicates the current poaching crisis and subsequent ivory trading is driving the extirpation and eventual extinction of elephants across the African continent. Wholesale slaughter of wild elephants, throughout much of Africa, to meet predominantly Asian demand, has decimated the herds and seen a drastic drop in numbers which is a cause of major concern worldwide.

We, the undersigned, call on CITES and its member parties and our political leaders to ensure the following immediately:

• A global ban on all aspects of ivory trading, including destruction of stockpiles of ivory worldwide.
• Increased protection of the elephants’ habitat from destruction and exploitation.
• Stringent laws implemented and strict judicial sentences to be imposed on poachers and all those involved in the trade.

There is no valid defense for any trade in ivory, given the devastating impact on elephant populations, as a result of the incessant demand. In addition, multiple reports by non-government organizations state that any continued sale of ivory through the CITES mechanism is driving the continued trade and resulting in the escalation of slaughter.

We call for immediate action to protect these iconic creatures now and for posterity.

Only elephants should wear ivory.

STOP the demand.  STOP the trade. STOP THE KILLING NOW before it is too late!

YOU can make this a reality by signing.  Please sign!

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