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Canadian Wildlife Federation

“A disease called white-nose syndrome (WNS) is wiping out entire colonies, and it is spreading fast. We need your help, and that of our Government, to protect Canada’s bats.

WNS is no laughing matter. We’re concerned about the future of bat populations and what will happen when entire colonies are wiped out. How will it affect biodiversity? How will it affect mosquito populations? When one species is threatened, it affects so many others. We need to save Canada’s bats. And you can help the bats today!”

The Determination and Dedication of Zoo Keepers

Baby elephant rejected by mom wept inconsolably, but is now OK

Zhuang zhuang (© EuroPics)

1 day ago

We would like nothing more than to offer this little elephant a hug and a tissue. The newborn calf reportedly cried for five hours, inconsolably, after being separated for a second time from his mother, who tried to kill him, twice.

Keepers at a wildlife park in eastern China, the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Nature Reserve, in Rongcheng, Shandong province, removed the calf from his mother after she rejected him, stomping on him. Hopeful that the injury had been accidental, they treated the calf and returned him to his mother’s side. She turned on him again, so they again removed him. The calf wept under a blanket for five straight hours before keepers were able to console him.

“He couldn’t bear to be parted from his mother and it was his mother who was trying to kill him,” a keeper said, according to reports. All was not lost for the little calf, however. Named Zhuangzhuang, he has been adopted by the keeper who rescued him and they have formed a strong bond.”


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